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Distance Reiki bundle 3x for 50€ each

Enjoy 3 distance Reikis within 3 months and save 45€

  • 30 Minuten
  • 150 Euro
  • Beim Kunden


Distance Reiki is a great way of enjoying a shorter session within your own home. This bundle is for everyone who wants to enjoy several treatments within a 3 month window. Regular Reiki treatments can enhance your connection to your own self, your gifts, desires, intuition and emotions. Each seasson will take about 30 min, followed by a voice message via whatsapp what came up during our session as well as pictures from your altar and some impulse cards I will pull for you. How to book your appointments: choose the first session via the calender when booking. We will shedule the follwoing Reiki sessions via whatsapp. If there are any further questions, contact me at any time.

Bedingungen zu Umbuchung und Kündigung

Stornierungen und Umbuchungen innerhalb von 12 Stunden im Voraus möglich.



Auguststraße 65, Berlin, Deutschland

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