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Reiki is an energetic healing technique from Japan, that works on our spirtitual, emotional & physical well-being.

As Albert Einstein said: "Everything is Energy", Reiki uses that life force Energy to bring your energetic state back to balance.

Every Reiki session is very individual, so each session will feel different for you. Most people experience Reiki in the form of warmth or a soft tingle in different areas of their body.

Light, colours or the sensation of different emotions may also come up.

Overall, Reiki is a very loving, balancing & relaxing experience.

Our modern lifestyle requires a lot from us, mentally & physically, which is why most people are in a constant fight or flight mode.

This is also known as the acute stress response.

While short time stress phases are importat, the chronic & constant state of it is detrimental to our health.

This can lead to all sort of symptoms like poor sleep quality, poor digestion, skin issues, emotional distress etc.

Reiki is an amazing tool to get back into your rest and digest mode where the body is able to regenerate and step into its own "cleaning" mode. Energetic blockages can be cleared as well as physical tension within the body.


Distance Reiki is a great tool for shorter treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Since Reiki works with energy, one can experience it even when not being together in the same room because
energy flows beyond space and time. 

When you book your distance Reiki session online, I’ll be needing your date of birth and your current whereabouts in order to connect with you.

20 minutes before your appointment I will message you via WhatsApp to clarify any last questions you may have and to give you the go to make yourself comfortable for our upcoming Reiki session. 

I recommend lying on your sofa or bed where you will be undisturbed for the next 30 minutes.
If you prefer to sit, that is also fine. 
Most important is that you make your space as cozy as possible. 
Use whatever you need - a candle, gentle music, some incense sticks or just complete darkness and stillness.

After sending Reiki from the distance to you for about 20 minutes I will send you a short voice message about what came up during our energy session. 

You will also receive 2-4 pictures of your personal altar as well as some inspiring Reiki cards that will be pulled for you. 

There is something so magical when connecting over distance Reiki because the connection is as strong as if we were face to face.

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