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First consultation 180€

A comprehensive first consultation serves as the foundation for understanding your unique health profile. Employing Ayurvedic principles, I will delve into your current health state. This involves assessing your dosha (body type) and analyzing your physical, emotional and mental well-being to identify any imbalances. During the second meeting, we will delve deeper into the results of this evaluation, and I will provide personalized recommendations for Ayurvedic lifestyle changes aimed at enhancing your overall well-being. Focusing on natural remedies and holistic approaches, my objective is to guide you toward achieving optimal health and balance across all aspects of your life. Due to the complexities involved, this appointment is expected to last between 60 and 90 minutes. It's important to note that in the initial consultation, the assessment fee covers both pre- and post-session preparation. However, any laboratory costs incurred are not included in this fee.

Follow up consultation 150€

This appointment focuses on going over your lab reports and explaining your personal therapy plan. We will carefully review your lab results, explain what they mean, and discuss the therapy plan made just for you, making sure you understand and are comfortable with the next steps.

The Vegan Check-Up 165€

This Check up is for everyone who wants to get a closer look on their iron, B12, vitamin D level as well as a thourough blood count. This package is not only for people living a vegan lifestyle but obviously focuses more on them since these are crucial markers that need controlled monitoring when eating plant-based. The check-up for 165 € includes: - Brief medical history - Blood draw - Laboratory parameters: Holotranscobalamin (B12) Vitamin D 25 Ferritin (storage iron) CRP (inflammation parameter) Complete blood count - Results discussion (20 min) The results will be discussed a week after the blood withdrawal, either in my practice or online via Zoom or phone.

Lab work

Ganzheitliche Labordiagnostik

Stool testing 80 - 240€

Health and sickness often begin in our gut, where approximately 80% of the immune system is located. This is why I test various markers like inflammation, gut barrier, and microbiome.

Blood withdrawal 30€

Each blood withdrawal takes place in a calm environment, making sure that every patient feels safe and is being handled with care. Note that this does not include the costs of the individual lab work, as these vary depending on what we need to test.

Hair mineral analysis 350€

Hair mineral testing is a non-invasive method providing comprehensive insights into one's metabolism. By analyzing a small hair samples, it assesses thyroid health, sugar metabolism, adrenal functionality, and the nervous system. This detailed analysis also detects heavy metals like lead and mercury, offering proactive measures to address potential health risks. With a focus on personalized well-being, practitioners can provide individualized recommendations, encompassing dietary changes, supplementation, and lifestyle adjustments.


ganzheitliche Therapien

IV Treatment

I offer different iv drip variations, depending on what the symptoms and lab results are. - Vitamin C - Multivitamins - Minerals - Amino acids are the most common I use.

1:1 Reiki

Reiki is an excellent alternative method for achieving profound relaxation within the nervous system. This regenerative therapy is widely applied in hospitals, not only in the United States but also in Berlin, such as at the Unfallkrankenhaus, with the goal of enhancing the recovery process and easing trauma.

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