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1. Start your morning with a glas of warm water

Your body and your bowel movement will thank you for this easy trick right in the morning.

The luke warm water will give your digestive track a gentle "good morning nudge" to start

getting into movement & work.

Immagine how much more happy you are when your morning starts with a gentle waking

up instead of a harsh alarm clock. - It's more or less the same for your gut! ;)

This said - luke warm water can be drunken thoughout the whole day for better digestion.

Whise Ayurvedic pracitioners have been doing this for many many centuries.

2. Move your body...

(... girl, makes your gut go well...) uuups, for some reason I got beamed back into 2004

when Nina Sky had her hit "move ya body") ;)

Nevertheless, why not turn up that volume and have a little "back in the early 2000" feeling

and giving your precious body a little dance session?

An inactive body provides an inactive / slow digestive system.

Getting our bodies to move enough during the day, will massively enhance your digestive

game. FOR REAL!!!

3. Spice up your food

Ginger, garlic, chilli, fennel, anise as well as all bitter tasting foods like grapefruit, artishoke,

arugula, chicory, radicchio will enhance your abilitiy for better digestion because these

spices and foods trigger the production of digestive juices.

Digestive Juices meaning: your stomach acid, your pancretic juices as well as your

bile from yur gall bladder. Our digestive system needs these secretions for optimal

digestion and absorption.

Don't be shy when cooking your curry, stew, or making a rich bitter salad! Enjoy the

amazing gifts of all these herbs not only for your gut, but also for your taste pallet!

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